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The Hot Bread Kitchen (HBK) is one of Fiji’s longest running and most successful indigenous businesses and has operating for more than 40 years. It is Fiji’s largest specialist bakery chain selling popular breads, pies and cakes and an appealing array of other delicious baked goods.

HBK’s aims to be the region’s leading bakery by providing excellent products and outstanding customer service. The HBK brand is one of the most recognizable in Fiji's consumer market. It is a distinctive part of our country's social and commercial life. Every day, thousands of customers call in to their local HBK bakery to purchase their favourite bread, pastry, and other fast-food items. A centralised factory facility recently celebrated its first anniversary of operation.

HBK’s consistently high standards for their product quality, customer service and cleanliness ensure its market leadership where it routinely captures approximately 40% of the market share. HBK currently operates 26 outlets located in strategic locations throughout Fiji and distributes favoured products through popular supermarket chains.

HBK employs approximately 600 staff Fiji-wide, and it is expected to exceed 700 once new shops are opened and regional market expansion “kicks in.” While HBK is an equal opportunity employer, it prides itself on ensuring that women are fully represented in the company’s workforce. At any given time approximately 55 percent of HBK employees are women.

Shop Location: Port Denerau Marina Shopping Complex

Phone : Head office : 3362900

Denerau Shop : 6750224 or 9990746


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